Greek red-figure fragment from a calyx krater

From the Charles Ede Instagram Account
May 18, 2021


Formerly in a private European collection acquired in the 1970s and now in a museum in New Zealand.

A large, finely painted fragment from a Greek red-figure calyx krater. It would have been part of the lower register of decoration and shows a young woman moving to her right pursued by another figure; she looks back anxiously over her left shoulder. A pillar, or probably a doorway offering refuge, is before her. The profile of the vase swells outwards beneath her, and this deep ridge is decorated with a band of linked palmettes and lotus buds. The scale of the figure shows that this must have come from a vase with two registers of decoration.

As London strides forward after this week's latest easing of lockdown measures, rather like the young woman in this fragment, we can be excused if we still look anxiously behind us.

With summer itself moving ever closer, we look forward to seeing even more of you, walking, striding or running through our gallery door!

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