Egyptian faience funerary amulets

November 5, 2021


This Monday 8th November at midday U.K. time, we release our annual Christmas catalogue full of intriguing pieces all priced at less than £5,000, with many available for just a few hundred £££s.

Back in 2018 the catalogue featured this set of Egyptian faience pectoral funerary amulets, which was snapped up by the University of Queensland, Australia.

Visit our website Monday 12pm to see what you could buy.

Egyptian faience funerary amulets
Late Dynastic Period, 26th-31st Dynasty, c.747-332 BC
Length between tips of winged scarab 10.4cm

Gustave Mustaki, Alexandria, Egypt; exported from Egypt to the UK under licence c.1950
Elsa MacLellan, UK; by descent from the above
Private collection, London, UK; by descent from the above
University of Queensland, Australia; acquired from Charles Ede in 2018

A complete set of Egyptian pectoral funerary amulets in faience, comprising a winged scarab, two profile heads of the falcon-headed Horus wearing a sun disc, and the four animal-headed sons of Horus who protected the four Canopic jars containing the vital organs of the body: Duamutef (Jackal - stomach), Hapy (Baboon - lungs), Imsety (Human headed - liver) and Qebehsenuef (falcon - intestines). Each perforated allowing them to be attached to the mummy dressing.

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