Curating your collection

Buying and Selling


Everyone collects in their own particular way, usually acquiring works of art from many different sources but driven by their own special interests. Charles Ede is happy to help and give advice concerning past purchases or potential acquisitions; indeed we can even act as an intermediary, negotiating with other parties or bidding at auction on your behalf.


Over the years it is not unusual for an owner's taste or focus to change. Sometimes certain acquisitions may feel superfluous or are superseded by superior examples. As time passes a collection might need to be edited or even dispersed as a whole. We can advise on how best to achieve this, either as a sale, a consignment or via an auction house.



Collections need care and curation, not only of the physical objects but also the documents, paperwork and digital files connected to them. We can offer guidance on all aspects of a collection, from professional database management to the collation of supporting documents, photographs and provenance material as well as research.


The thoughtful presentation of a work of art can be transformative, bringing a piece to life or revealing details not noticed before. We can suggest how best to display your objects and can help with restoration, mounting, framing, propose designs for pedestals, wall brackets or cabinets as well as recommending lighting solutions.


We can also prepare condition for client records prior to a loan or shipping.


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