Greek black-glaze pyxis with lid

October 16, 2021


It's Friday evening, so we can heave a sigh of relief that the first busy week of our exhibition Greek Black Glaze is over. We've been thrilled and delighted by the reaction of friends and colleagues, both to the exhibition and our hardback catalogue. It's been a real pleasure putting this collection together over the past five years, but it will soon be dispersed to other homes and collections, so if you have the chance, do come by and have a look - the show runs until 29th October - we'd be happy to welcome you to the gallery.

One piece that we didn't get to include was this lidded pyxis, which we sold to Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek, Munich, Germany in 2015, just as we were beginning to put together the collection as part of our 50th anniversary.

Greek black-glaze pyxis with lid
Athens, 500-480 BC
Height 12.4cm, diameter 10.4cm

With a shallow-domed lid and acorn knop, the body set on a disc foot below a broad stem. The inner surface of the bowl glazed and a circle of black glaze beneath the foot. Outer edge of lid, stem of knop, and outer edge of foot reserved. Intact with minor abrasions to black-glaze.

Prof. Yves Bequignon (1899?-1990), Strasbourg, France
Bequignon, a noted Hellenist and one time Director of the L'Institut d'histoire grecque in Strasbourg, was also a contributor to the Guide Bleu.

Florian S. Knauß et al, Black is Beautiful - Griechische Glanztonkeramik, (Munich, 2019), Kat.257, p.183

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