British bronze side-looped spearhead

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June 2, 2021


This powerful object may have once been used as a device for hunting or fighting, but when mounted it takes on a sculptural form; one admires its craftsmanship and beauty

SOLD to a major US museum in 2018

British bronze side-looped spearhead
Middle Bronze Age, c.1400-1300 BC
Height 9.9cm

The small spearhead has a leaf-shaped blade, with diamond shaped loop plates either side of the long conical socket, an inset at the base of the socket for gripping the shaft. Good condition, a minor chip to the blade.

The excavator of this object noted that “The spearhead was recovered point downward from a clay deposit beneath waterlogged sold. The find spot context may suggest that the spear was thrust into a bog.”

Provenance: Sir Richard Ground (1949-2014), Derbyshire, UK; acquired 2011
Found at West Overton, Wiltshire, UK

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