Cypriot figure of a male votary

From the Charles Ede Instagram Account
July 15, 2021


The summer has seemed very gloomy here in London, but with better weather forecast for the weekend, Covid restrictions being lifted still further and August on the horizon, there’s a feeling of moving into the light, rather like this tall, slender-bodied votary, which we sold to the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden in 2018.

Cypriot figure of a male votary,
c.6th century BC
Height 56.5cm

Ann Brunskill, Kent, UK; acquired 1968
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden, the Netherlands; acquired from Charles Ede in 2018, inventory number I 2018/3.1

Sotheby’s, London, UK, Antiquities, 20th May 1968, lot 149

The youthful figure, crowned with a foliate wreath, is shown striding forward, his left leg advanced, head held high and gazing straight ahead with the typical ‘archaic’ smile playing across his face; long locks of hair fall over his shoulders. He is dressed in a close-fitting shift, the lower half pleated and revealing his left knee, a mantle over his left shoulder is drawn across his body. He wears two spiral armlets clasped above his elbows. Unrestored.

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