Egyptian head of a scribe

November 19, 2021


As must be apparent to anyone visiting our account over the year, to mark our 50th anniversary we have been posting images of 50 selected pieces we've sold to museums. As we approach Christmas and the end of the year we will be posting just seven more. Here is post no.43, a wonderful Egyptian head of a scribe, which is now in a major Egyptological museum in Germany.

Egyptian head of a scribe
New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, 1295-1186 BC
Green basalt
Height 14cm

The face is modelled with delicate features, sfumato eyes and full lips. His face is framed by long tresses of hair, falling from his wig which parts down the centre, incised with shallow serpentine lines as broad locks.

George Ortiz, Geneva, Switzerland
Jack Josephson, New York, USA; acquired 1978
Charles Ede, acquired from the above in 2003
Sammlung Ägyptischer Kunst, Munich, Germany; acquired from Charles Ede in 2005

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